Wednesday, October 10, 2012

free 4 G with freedompop and ubee Stick

Last week I signed up for the 'free' freedompop account. After they fucked up my shipping address, and fedex failed to find their own ass with both hands on 2 tries I finally got the USB stick.

The device is basically a rebranded clearwire device. Originally when ordering it, there didn't appear to be linux support but I was hopeful. When the device arrived, I plugged it in, and it WORKED!!! No issues!!!

Now I'm thinking of adding it to a dreamplug in a remote location (but not so remote that it doesn't have 4G).

The device doesn't require a connection manager and linux sees it as a hardwired connection eth2. I will do additional testing tomorrow. Wonder how the other freedompop/clearwire devices holdup.

Also wonder when freedompop will fix their 'friend' feature.


  1. Could you give an update on your experience with Linux? I would like to buy one to use with a Raspberry Pi running a "Wheezy" Debian build but am concerned about the drivers/connection manager.

    1. Open up the terminal and type in ifconfig

      It should show 3 devices eth0, eth1, and lo.

      eth0 is the built-in ethernet port.
      eth1 is the FreedomPop device
      lo is the loopback interface

      Type: sudo dhclient eth1

      That should enable the FreedomPop device. However, you need to do this network setting every time you restart the Pi. I guess you can write a script to automate it when it boots.

  2. The ubeestick actually worked out of the box with ubuntu 12.0 . I was shocked. I was prepared to compile drivers from scratch and sacrifice cute furry woodland creatures.

    Once I plugged it in the machine mapped it as eth2 and got an IP. It was so simple I was shocked.

    I don't own a raspberry Pi but I got it working on my dreamplug in a few minutes.

  3. Thanks! Ordering one and hoping for a similarly hassle-free setup. Cheers.